Houdini License

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Houdini License

Houdini Indie is a state of the art procedural modeling tool. Instead of creating objects by hand in 3D modelling software like Blender, Houdini allows you to code 3D models using a graphical programming language.

Credit: philippe van borsel https://www.flickr.com/photos/creative-wolves/8675930910/

As part of Houdini’s sponsorship of the Global Game Jam 2020, Houdini is giving away 2 month temporary licenses to participants of the event. If you want to test out this software you need to apply for a license well in advance of the event!

Personally I have tried Houdini is a very cool piece of software, it is possible to create some very complex geometric shapes, however it isn’t something you will pick up in a weekend! If you want a challenge give it a try. You can use it for 2 months both before and after the Global Game Jam event.

More information can be found on the GGJ2020 site.


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